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Builds on the knowledge and skills gained during the previous course; it aims to help you exploring new methods of deception detection. After completion, you will be awarded with a DIPLOMA IN FORENSIC PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY.



Our training program is designed for students who have completed a basic course in Polygraphy at a partner school or in an internationally recognized association. At this stage, our students are ready to learn deeper techniques of detection of deception, which are helpful in the application of polygraph in cases of great importance, such as sexual abuse and harassment. Our graduates are often prepared to conduct assessments of credibility of testimony in court and tribunals.

If the average of 70% of the maximum possible score is obtained, our students will be awarded as CERTIFIED POLYGRAPH EXAMINER by the European Polygraph Association and the Israeli Computerized Polygraph Association (ICPA). Nevertheless, students may choose to recap any lesson in order to improve their score and apply for a medal of Excellence and Cum Laude Honor.

Our students can finally discuss any pending topic with their professors even 90 days after graduation and access our Virtual Library forever and free of charge.

  •  READINGS               100
  • TESTS                        11
  • DURATION           300 H
  • E-LIBRARY             YES


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