The Smartest polygraph ever made.

The Elite combines the speed and power of Stoelting’s polygraph hardware with our state-of-the-art Fusion software. Designed from the ground up, Elite is loaded with innovative and unparalleled features which will provide all the tools necessary to smartly and accurately conduct, score, and
report polygraph examinations.
When your reputation is on the line, and the truth is the only thing that matters, you can be confident that Stoelting’s Elite Polygraph will provide you with the smartest tools needed to make the right decision. Let Elite put science on your side!

Elite Hardware

Superbly Handcrafted Instruments

Stoelting has been providing quality scientifi c instruments for more than 135 years. Since 1930 Stoelting Company has been
on the forefront of design and manufacture of precise and
reliable polygraph instrumentation. Stoelting’s Elite Polygraph
is the fourth generation Computerized Polygraph System, and delivers unparalleled reliability, accuracy, and flexibility. Combining Stoelting’s experience in neuroscience, physiology, and biofeedback has allowed Stoelting to create a truly revolutionary polygraph.
The Elite is the most advanced and smartest polygraph on the market. The Elite offers examiners the flexibility to choose the tools they need to determine truth or deception. With the Elite,
the examiner has a choice of which type of respiration pneumos
to use; traditional “mechanical” pneumos or “electronic” pneumos. The Elite allows the examiner to measure EDA using either skin conductance or skin resistance. The Elite can also record movement from seat, arms, feet, and masseter movement sensors. The Elite can also be updated remotely to bring new features to both the hardware and software. Stoelting also offers a variety of arm and forearm blood pressure cuffs.
The Elite is backed by a knowledgeable, professional team dedicated to providing you immediate customer, technical and sales support.

Principales características

  • Full-color, LCD touch screen for active feedback
  • Fully field-upgradable for features and updates available in the future
  • Medical grade Swiss-precision LEMO and Luer inputs and connectors
  • Use either electronic or pneumatic respiration transducers for respiration
  • Use either skin conductance or skin resistance for EDA
  • Cardiographs support up to 215 mmHg
  • Meets or exceeds all ASTM standards
  • Control box is housed in rugged, aluminum case
  • 7-year immediate replacement warranty

Comes Standard with Everything You Need to Measure Skin Conductance, Respiration, Subject Activity and more.

Seat Activity Sensor
Arm Cuff
Thoracic Mechanical Pneumograph
Abdominal Electronic Pneumotrace
Skin Conductance Velcro Cup
Skin Conductance Snap Lead
EDA Finger Plates
Abdominal Mechanical Pneumograph
Thoracic Electronic Pneumotrace Sensor
USB Cable
Carrying Case

Are You an Elite Examiner?

Intuitive. Powerful. Easy to Use.

CPS Fusion software is the most advanced and easiest-to-use software on the market. It is loaded with innovative and powerful features which provide you with all the tools necessary to accurately conduct, score, and report polygraph examinations. The automatic features in the CPS Fusion software allow the examiner to spend less time running the Software, and more time monitoring the subject.
The refi ned, user interface is so simple and intuitive that you can navigate with extreme ease. Virtually all functions and actions can be accomplished with a single click, at any point in the program.La interfaz de usuario mejorada es tan simple e intuitiva que permite navegar con extrema facilidad. Prácticamente todas las funciones y acciones se pueden realizar con un solo clic, en cualquier punto del programa.

CPS Fusion Benefits

  • Quick-start landing page
  • State-of-the-art chart recorder
  •  Intuitive question editor
  • Create custom subject
  • profile templates
  • Smart subject search
  • Dynamic importing capabilities
  • Innovative numerical scoring features
  • Scientifically-validated
  • Scoring algorithms
  • Completely customizable
  • Integrated Multilingual User Interface (MUI) for English, Korean, Spanish and Russian

Fusion’s Intuitive User Interface starts with our Quick Access Icons. A single click and you’re creating New Subjects, displaying Subject Lists, or opening the Question Editor.

The CPS Fusion Subject List provides optimized organization of all your polygraph exams. The sortable, searchable, user-friendly display delivers the most intuitive presentation available

Save Time with Elite’s Unique Built-In Display

Stoelting’s Elite Polygraph is the only polygraph unit with a built-in display. The full-color, LCD touchscreen provides you with active feedback. What is showing
on the screen is being mirrored from the software on your computer. This allows you to select the channels you want to record and to instantly verify if sensors
are working properly; all without having to leave the subject to return to your computer. You will know in real time if a sensor is damaged, gives a low reading,
or is improperly attached to the subject. Elite indicates this by displaying a red box around the source and a red line through the tracing image on the sensor box.
A. Real time alerts on sensor errors
B. EDA and Cardio provide real-time data
C Examiner selects on-screen which channels to record
D Display Screen turns off during chart recording or when selected in the software
All screen buttons mirrored in the software
Display screen allows examiner to choose which channels will be recorded

What’s Inside

The Elite’s robust new electronics deliver accurate results every time.

  • Made in the USA
  • Real-time clock to prevent sampling drift
  • Complete electrical isolation
  • 32-bit processing with a sampling rate of 360 samples per second per channel
  • Smart pressure sensors correct for changes in temperature
  • Simultaneous analog to digital (a/d) converters

Connect to All the Tools You Need

With multiple input options, Stoelting’s Elite Polygraph allows you to select the right measurements for your interviewing techniques and specific needs.
A Smart Blood Pressure: Calibrated for absolute accuracy with the ability to correct for temperature changes that can affect pressure while recording.
B,C Skin Conductance/Skin Resistance: Sampling at 360 samples per second means there’s more information and better scoring accuracy.
D Activity Monitor: The seat sensor uses Piezo electric technology to precisely monitor movement. Activity monitoring can be expanded using the Expansion Movement Sensor (K) to include monitoring of
movements of the arms, feet, and masseter muscle. Each sensor is monitored independently.
E Plethysmograph: The best sensor on the market, providing stable tracings and a sampling rate of
360 samples per second.
F,G Piezo Thoracic Respiration/Abdominal Respiration: The Elite is the only polygraph that offers Piezo sensors for recording respiration. Piezo sensors are preferred for use in laboratories for recording respiration.
H,J Mechanical Thoracic Respiration/Abdominal Respiration: Standard mechanical Pneumograph.
I Microphone: Allows audio input for automatic answer marking.
K Expansion Movement Sensor: Allows for independent monitoring of movement from the Right Arm,
Left Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg, and Masseter Headset.
L USB port: All required power comes through the USB.
M Kensington Lock: Keeps your instrument safe and secure.

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