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European Polygraph Academy

A training consultancy that arises from the need to spread the schooling of Forensic Psychophysiology.

EPA provides polygraph course with an unbeatable price and the most relevant training in comparison with other education programs. More than 15 years of experience in polygraph training plans for individuals and organizations validate the competence of our staff.

Courses & Prices

We make sure that the profile of a professional polygraph examiner can count on complete theoretical tools, practices and a professional growing character ideal for the application of tests of all types.


Forensic Psychophysiology Polygraph Course

Our course of access to polygraphy ranges from the history of the polygraph to the methods used in the examinations of detection of deception, passing through the biological and physiological bases on which the polygraphic technique is based, as well as the mastery of modern digital polygraphs.

By completing the Basic Forensic Psychophysiology Course, the student acquires the necessary knowledge to be able to start his professional career as a Polygraph Expert.

$1.500 USD


Master in Forensic Pyschophysiology

We present the I International Master in Forensic Psychophysiology of the European Polygraph Academy, with certifications and Europolygraph + Israeli Computerized Polygraph Association, being the first one that has European Academic Credits that can be done completely online.

It is a very complete program that requires 750 hours of study and dedication and that allows the student to acquire the necessary knowledge to practice the polygraphic practice professionally and be able to train as a Primary Polygraphy Instructor.

$2.500 USD


Advance Polygraph Course

Refresh your knowledge and skills as an examiner with a
course designed for graduates that still want to improve
their professional performance and knowledge, while at
the same time accrediting continuous training required by
most polygraph associations.
This is a course that, although it is essentially theoretical
includes chats and videoconferences for demonstration
purposes of the latest trends in the field of
Psychophysiology Forensics

$900 USD

Special prices for groups

Guaranteed certificate

Our courses are certified by the most established and prominent international associations.

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PDD expert

We make sure that the profile of a professional polygraph examiner can count on complete theoretical tools, practices and a professional growing character ideal for the application of tests of all types.

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Guaranted certificated

EPA’s online courses are sweeping the internet and leaving behind the traditional teaching model. There no excuses for learning Forensic Psychophysiology. You only need an average internet connection, some spare time and, of course, the will to learn.


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“With many years of experience and knowledge in the field, the advanced course has helped me to review and maintain my knowledge competitive in the current market.”

Lennon Harwood, Polygraph Expert, Investigator

“Simply put at your fingertips a series of fundamental techniques that you could not know just by reading a book.”

Christina Wright, Psychologist

“The long and extensive experience of the instructors has been meticulously captured in each subject and practice resulting in the easy understanding of complex topics.”

Daisy Rogers, Operations Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Who rules EPA?

The governing body for EPA is the European Polygraph Association, who accredits this academy and has certified that there is adequate instructional material and academic resources for high quality training in psychophysiological detection of deception. The Israeli Computerized Polygraph Association (ICPA) and several other recognized organizations have supported the validation of EPA’s curriculum framework.

Can anyone enroll in EPA'S Courses ?

We reckon that if you intend to be a successful and qualified examiner, you should attend an institution that is accredited, recognized and formal. To this end, EPA maintains a rigorous admissions policy so that its students benefit fully from its curriculum and instruction. EPA is open to all qualified persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, national origin, physical limitations, or sexual orientation. For specific admission requirements, CLICK HERE!

What are the main requeriments to be admitted to EPA'S Courses?

We expect you to:

  • Be at least 25 years of age, or lower if no minimum age is required in the country you intend to practice the profession. A previous course in psychology or physiology and a law enforcement background is desirable.
  • Be of verified good reputation, and not have been previously convicted of a felony.
  • Complete and submit the APPLICATION accurately, which includes but is not limited to copies of your ID (or Passport), CV, cover letter (stating why you seek to become a PDD examiner), police and criminal records certificate, and a face photo with a plain white or off-white background.
If i am admitted to EPA, what are the expectations?

You are expected to complete EPA’s courses rightfully, accurately and successfully by fulfilling some criteria, such as surpassing the 70% of the maximum possible score, undertaking an end-of-course project and attending to a PDD practicum in an associate partner and/or affiliated business. Furthermore, EPA’s instructors always ask students to enhance their learning experience by completing all the activities listed for each unit.

Hoy much does it cost?

Our prices are about 80% less expensive than those charged by old-fashion polygraph schools. Tuition depends on the select course (BASIC OR MASTER) and can range from $1500 to $3900. Additional PRACTICUM fees of $500 to $800 may apply and are not included in the tuition for the course since they must be directly arranged with the nearest associate partner and/or affiliated business. EPA also hosts optional webinars and workshops, which have a separate fee. Please note that we have several payment options based on your financial needs. You might even qualify for a discount! Contact Mr. José Fernandez for further details:

When does each course begin?

At your convenience; that’s a key feature of EPA’s courses since our number of resources and techniques makes it easier for you to learn with a very flexible yet formal study program. Our virtual campus is up and running 24 hours, 7 days a week. You will be able to move at your own pace and to complete the selected course up to one year after purchasing it.

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